Sunday, 10 June 2018

Plots and Plotting written by Diana Kimpton

Plot and Plotting - How to create stories that work

Author: Diana Kimpton

Firslty a little about the author and her credentials for writing this title. Diana has been an author for almost 30 years and in that time has written more than 40 books, lots of articles and some scripts. So she has a lot of knowledge to share.

I wouldn't normally read this type of book from cover to cover, but would read a section I felt relevant to the writing issue I was struggling with at the time. However, I believe you can always learn new things. So, I decided to read from start to finish. Some elements I knew would be new whilst others would be a refresher. I'm glad I read the entire book. It's set out in clear, logical sections and written using easy and clear language. I definitely learnt new skills/ideas and have already put some of them to good use. 

For example, I've used some of the ideas in the writing classes I teach. I've also used the idea of mapping out (literally drawing a map of where my story is taking place) to help me write my latest work in progress (another collection of short stories). I was working on a chase scene and as I started to write I realised that I should follow Diana's suggestion and should draw a map to ensure the route taken made sense. This map has been so helpful that I've used it to assist me in writing all the stories in my latest work in progress and it may even make it into the book as an illustration    

A great book full of insights and ideas useful for new and experienced authors alike. 
Reviewer - Lynne Garner
Author of the following short story collections: Ten Tales of Brer Rabbit - Ten Tales of Coyote - Anansi the Trickster Spider - Hedgehog of Moon Meadow Farm

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