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The Adventures of Margery Allingham 

by Julia Jones 


Published by Golden Duck Publishing 

Reviewed by Kathleen Jones

 I read her books when I was in my twenties and liked them more than Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers - there was always an element of humour, clowning, with an undertow of morality.  They reminded me a little of the old Mystery plays - a mix of buffoonery and serious discussion of Right and Wrong, the one highlighting the other.  Albert Campion - the mysterious, aristocratic figure at the centre of the plot, is both the buffoon and the moral compass of the novel.. . .  To Read More Click Here


 James Martin:  The Change Agent, 

by Andrew Crofts

 Reviewed by Kathleen Jones

 Very few people have made as much money predicting the future as James Martin.  First of all it was computers, then it was the future of the human race in the 21st century.  According to him, we are facing the biggest crisis in human history, but also our biggest opportunity.  We can turn the world into a utopia, or plunge into a terrifying ‘Dark Age’ taking the world’s fragile eco-system with us  . . . .

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Review of 'Period Piece' by Gwen Raverat

PERIOD PIECE by Gwen Raverat - Reviewer: Susan Price

          I've been sorting out my book-shelves recently and - horror -
'Period Piece, Gwen Raverat
throwing some away. Part of this job, of course, is sitting down on the floor with a book you've just rediscovered, and reading it for three hours, while others step over you.
          One rediscovered book, which distracted me for more than three hours, was PERIOD PIECE: A CAMBRIDGE CHILDHOOD, by Gwen Raverat, my copy of which is an old Faber paperback from the 1960s, pale pink, with a black stripe down the opening edge.   Its original price was '6s 6d, net.' (32p)




From the Heart of a Copy Editor - (the 10 most common mistakes and how to fix them) by Sheila Glasbey

Genre: educating and reference, Writing, editing

Available as an ebook only - UK edition only, at time of writing this review.  

Read the full review by clicking here.

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