Thursday, 19 February 2015

Don't Buy It! by David Craig - reviewed by Susan Price

Everybody who ever spends any of their own money needs to read
this book. It's available on Kindle and as a paperback.

David Craig, according to his biography, had a career as a salesman, and a trainer of salesmen. However, after he wrote two books - Rip-off and Plundering The Public Sector - he found himself blacklisted.

So, instead, he turned to writing books, and has won the Hammond Whiteley Journalism Award.

The first two chapters of Don't Buy It! - on estate agents and cars salesmen - are alone worth the price. Craig details every plot and tactic they use to confuse, bully and pressure you into parting with far more of your cash than you needed to. Often, what you get in exchange is unnecessary or useless.

Even better, he gives you some anti-salesmen tactics that you can use to confuse, bully and pressure them.

Other chapters cover the pits of misery that are tele-sales, ventures into the shark-pool of financial dealers, takes a look at the most common on-line scams - and at time-share sellers and general marketing ploys.

Clearly and amusingly written, full of invaluable information and warnings, this is highly recommended.

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