Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Horse of Mist by Katherine Roberts

Horse of Mist by Katherine Roberts

Genre: Fantasy and Magic
Age range: 9 - 12

ebook FREE to download (at time of writing review).

This short story is a prequel to the Pendragon Legacy quartet series. It's lead character is Rhianna Pendragon (King Arthur's daughter).

Rhinanna is living in the secret world of Avalon and is surrounded by mythical and magic beings. The story follows the ceremonial day when mist horses choose their riders. Rhianna is desperate to join in but has been forbidden because humans can't rider mist horses. 

Although I'm not the demographic for this short story I still found it an enjoyable read. It's well written and the story has a good pace to it.

I can see the audience that it's aimed at connecting with the characters and deciding to want to read the entire series. 

Well worth downloading either for yourself or a younger member of your family who loves horses and a little magic.  

Reviewer - Lynne Garner

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