Monday, 18 December 2017

Murder in the Manager by Debbie Young

Murder in the Manager by Debbie Young

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Humour, Romance

This is the first in this series of books that I've read (I know you're supposed to read them in order), but it was a gift. However, I didn’t feel this was an issue as I was able to follow the story and grow to know the characters. 

Thankfully it was the type of mystery book I like to read. As in true Midsummer Murder tradition, there’s someone shouting murder in the first chapter.

The book follows the life of Sophie Sayer as she navigates writing a script for the village play, dealing with the arrival of an ex-boyfriend, nurturing a new romance and working out who shouts from the back pew of the church, “My baby! You’ve murder my baby!”

The story includes all the festive feel you'd expect from the title. The author includes humour and shows a keen understanding of human nature, all at a relaxed pace, making it an ideal festive read.

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