Sunday, 21 May 2017

Much more than a children's story

I’m aware that I’m many decades too old to be writing a review of a book aimed at children, but the subtlety and fascination of the way the author has conceived and handled the ‘Choice’ of the title, as well as the nature of the alternatives confronting the Hare, make it one of those stories that has plenty for adults to enjoy and reflect on. It’s beautifully written but I hesitate to focus on any of its specifics because I might inadvertently create a spoiler. I’ll therefore just record that its turning point surprised and delighted me, and opened up reflections on the very processes of fiction which stayed with me long after I’d put the book away. It also ensured that I’ll be buying the other two books which complete the trilogy. As much as any classic story – children’s or adults’ – this is one that gives lots of ‘normal’ pleasure in its characters and narrative shifts but also stimulates deeper thinking about the reading experience itself. It's a complete delight.