Sunday, 17 July 2016

Point of No Return by Diana J Febry

Reviewed by Chris Longmuir

Point of No Return was an enjoyable read. It starts off with a fast paced back story to the investigation concerning Digby, a young man contemplating suicide following an accident which kills his friend. He subsequently hangs himself in front of the house of the man, James Palmer, he blames for causing the accident. The suspense during this opening section was almost unbearable and the character of Digby, drew me in.

The main part of the story takes place two years later when James Palmer is being stalked and harassed by ever increasing violent incidents concerning himself and his family. This part settles into a cosy investigation by DI Hatherill and his colleague Fiona. They follow a trail of mystifying clues until the final resolution is reached after life threatening scene involving DI Hatherill.

I enjoyed this book, it was a satisfying read.

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