Monday, 2 February 2015

In Memoriam : In the Trees by Pauline Fisk

Green Adventuring
 I'm tempted to recommend that adults or teens buy this book then save themselves and the planet the air-miles involved in travelling to Belize. I loved the story of Kid and I liked his companions too but most of all this book gave me the feeling that I'd been to Belize, trekked through the forests, got lost and a little scared in the towns, glimpsed the traditional life of the villages without ever having to move from my own bed. It did more than that, it made me genuinely interested in a country I'd previously known nothing about and it also made me deeply envious of those who still have their gap years ahead. So maybe I will have to buy that plane ticket one day... a humane and fascinating book with some beautiful authentic description.

Reviewed on Amazon by Julia Jones

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