Monday, 14 July 2014

Crime in the Community by Cecilia Peartree

Reviewed by Chris Longmuir

I read and commented on over 61 ebooks in my own nonfiction book Crime Fiction and the Indie Contribution. In the resulting book, which is an exploration of electronic publishing in the world of crime fiction, I attempted to assess the quality of a range of subgenres of crime fiction.

In my quest for e-books which could be described as cosy, I managed to find a few. The first one I downloaded was Crime in the Community, by Cecilia Peartree. I had never read anything by her before, and all I knew about this author was that she came from the Edinburgh area. So the Scottish connection influenced my choice.

Crime in the Community was a good read. I loved the characters, members of a community group in the village of Pitkirtly. Their interaction with each other and those they came into contact with was fascinating as they fought progress and tried to keep their group as a small talking shop with its main focus on the alcohol they could consume. However, a new village member, a retired spy of all things, infiltrates their group and suddenly everything changes. Christopher, the chairman of the group, is involved in mysterious goings-on and the group are pulled into the thick of it. One element missing from this story was a body, although there was an ‘almost murder’ which did not get carried through. So, although it met all the criteria for a cosy mystery novel – the small community, amateur sleuth, criminal activity etc, I am not entirely sure it qualified as a cosy crime. I do not think there is such a thing as a cosy thriller, but that is what I would be tempted to call it.
(excerpt from Crime Fiction and the Indie Contribution)

Chris Longmuir

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