Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Storm Bottle by Nick Green - reviewed by Karen Bush

Dysfunctional families, an idyllic setting, the Bermuda Triangle, a touch of magic and mystery, not to mention dolphins - what more could you want? And proper dolphins they are too, not some cutesy Disneyfied idea of them ...

When Bibi's Mum and Michael's Dad met and get married, their offspring are unwillingly
The Storm Bottle
thrown together, and it's just not working out for them. Bermuda may seem like paradise to Bibi, but it's far from it for Michael, a fish out of water and miserably missing his friends back in England.

When he gatecrashes a fishing outing which Bibi has planned, her irritation with her stepbrother turns into terror when he gets caught in a riptide while swimming. His life is saved by a dolphin, but when he recovers consciousness, he is different.
Are the doctors right, and the changes in his behaviour really due to brain damage - or is there something else going on? As events develop into a life-saving race against time, Bibi has to confront some home truths and finally face up to a past tragedy of her own.

To say more than this would give away the plot completely, so I'll simply say - go read it yourself. It's suitable for children of all ages as they say, and you won't be disappointed: it's a terrific page turner which plunges you straight into the action and keeps up the pace right through to the end which has an unexpected but very satisfactory twist in the tail.