Saturday, 13 July 2013

Someone Different by Kate Hanney

She's a posh, spoiled and unhappy fifteen year old, too scared to admit she's terrified of the new horse her parents have bought her. He's sixteen, with an electronic tag, a criminal record and an alcoholic father who hits him. She's headed for a skiing holiday; he's headed for Young Offenders institution. They're not exactly the perfect partnership.

But when Jay comes to work at Anna's stables, there's an unlikely attraction. For the first time, Jay's found something he's good at with the horses and Anna's found somebody who listens to her fears. But it's never going to be an easy ride. Jay's past is catching up with him. People want him silenced and they don't care who they hurt in the process.

A YA love story (that is just as readable for those of us less Y and more A) that deals with loyalties, standing up for the person you believe in and ultimately having the courage to be true to yourself. I adore Kate Hanney's books - she gets right under the skin of what it's like to grow up in 21st century Britain and does it with sensitivity and skill.

Someone Different